What To Do If You Get ‘Record Not Found In Local Datastore’ Error

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June 20, 2016 | Nicole Hathorn

Once in a while, when committing changes to a network in InfoWorks ICM or InfoNet (now InfoAsset Manager), you may receive an error such as this one, to say that there's an internal error with a record not found in local datastore:

There are several reasons why this problem may have occurred. Innovyze has resolved many of these in more recent versions, but if you should encounter this, you can do one of the following:

  1. This option is more risky (as in, you may lose your uncommitted changes), but is much faster:
    1. Export the network to a csv file
    2. Close the network, then right click on the network and select Advanced>remove local copy
    3. Open network, update from csv file, commit changes
  2. This option is less risky, but may take a while as our developers investigate and provide a repaired file
    1. Please send the file mentioned in the error message to support@innovyze.com along with a screenshot of the error received. This is for the purposes of investigating why you are getting this error.
    2. Also, please go to Help>About, copy to clipboard and paste into the email to support
    3. Once support receives your file, they can begin investigating and provide advice as appropriate.

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