What's New in InfoAsset Planner 2019.2

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May 29, 2019 | Tim Medearis

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This update to InfoAsset Planner continues Innovyze’s innovation in bringing data together more easily so that our clients can make better asset management decisions. InfoAsset 2019.2’s main development focus was to make data integration between GIS, CMMS, and CCTV systems more seamless and simpler to connect. InfoAsset Planner more tightly aligns itself with the rest of the InfoAsset product line for a more complete asset management set of tools for our clients. So with that in mind, let’s dig into what’s new!

1. InfoAsset Comes Full Circle

Diagram of how InfoAsset Manager and Planner work together

InfoAsset Manager has been added as a REST API data connection within InfoAsset Planner. This enhancement allows users to more seamlessly combine operations and CMMS data from Manager and use it to fuel Planner’s analyses. InfoAsset Manager already was able to inform InfoAsset Planner and exchange information through iExchange, but this added feature makes for a better client experience. With this enhanced integration, InfoAsset clients can better leverage daily operations data for analysis, and analysis data for operations.

CMMS choices screenshot

The CMMS Data Integration tool is available for InfoAsset Planner Tier 2 and above. Connecting to InfoAsset Manager databases is also available only for clients who have upgraded InfoAsset Manager to 2019.2 as well.

InfoAsset Manager 2019.2 has been configured in a similar fashion to pull resulting work orders and action items created in InfoAsset Planner. With these new work orders in InfoAsset Manager, asset managers can track the rehab suggestions from InfoAsset Planner and evaluate how conducting the optimized rehab management plan affects their network performance over time.

In addition to the InfoAsset roundtrip enhancement, the CMMS data exchange has been reconfigured for better mapping and REST API links with CityWorks and Lucity have been updated to be compatible with the most current versions.

2. Stream CCTV Videos in the Cloud

Traditionally, CCTV videos have been stored on servers and may be linked to InfoAsset Planner by specifying their location. Videos could be found by InfoAsset Planner by specifying their file path and name. Now, however, videos may be stored in the cloud on sources such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Ravnur, and more for easy URL access. Simply specify a video URL and InfoAsset Planner will open the default browser to access the linked CCTV video.

screenshot showing easy access to videos

3. Create Custom Feature Classes

The Data Miner is InfoAsset Planner’s powerful querying and highly configurable reporting tool. In previous versions of InfoAsset Planner, this tool could create user defined attribute tables, facility selections, and ArcMap selections as its final output formats. In InfoAsset 2019.2, the output options have been expanded so that now custom feature classes may be exported and then leveraged. Imagine the ability to create a single linear feature class with fields for consequence of failure, likelihood of failure, risk, suggested rehab, budgeting, CCTV scores, and easily exporting it to AGOL all in a few easy steps!

data miner screenshot

InfoAsset Planner flow diagram

InfoAsset Planner 2019.2 continues Innovyze’s core mission of empowering water experts by continuing to open doors and push the boundaries of data integration. The more data we can consolidate into InfoAsset Planner, the more accuracy our clients can have to make a better asset management decision. We at Innovyze look forward in seeing how our excellent clients take advantage of these latest upgrades.

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