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with 2020.2 release of InfoDrainage

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September 8, 2020 | Jessica Jefferys

This month sees the release of the second version of InfoDrainage enhancing BIM and auditing workflows in the graphical, next-generation platform for drainage design. 

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Read our earlier Blog on the InfoDrainage launch in March this year or continue below to hear more about the latest updates. 

This release focuses on enhancing two key workflows in drainage design. 

Whether you’re an engineer preparing for submission to a regulatory authority or a reviewer approving drainage designs having the ability to audit a design is going to help get work started on siteOur customers frequently tell us that the costly back and forth between approving authorities and designers can be a sticking point in drainage design, especially with more complex requirements for SuDS.

With InfoDrainage already aiding the communication with the visual nature and detailed analysis of green infrastructure, we’ve now added auditing reports to the 2020.2 release to aid demonstrating compliance with local requirements. 

An example of improved audit reports in InfoDrainage 2020.2

The 12 audits can be run on existing results and saved in customizable templates to easily cross-check with Pro-forma requirements and allow faster submission and checking. 

The launch of 2020.2 sees embedded exchange functionality with InfoDrainage for Civil 3D® enabling compliance with BIM workflows via Parts Mapping. Keeping accurate and up-to-date object data across multiple tools and models as part of BIM requirements can involve laborious manual data updates with each design change. With InfoDrainage for Civil 3D® InfoDrainage, data is tagged to allow round-tripping minimizing the time taken to adopt new changes and reducing the risk of errors occurring. 

An example of improved BIM capabilities in InfoDrainage 2020.2

The detailed representation of SuDS in InfoDrainage with 3D objects, accurate inlet, outlet, and connection locations maintained in Civil 3D®. 

Get the details 

For more information on the new and improved features, and how to upgrade to InfoDrainage, contact your Innovyze representative, or take a look at the InfoDrainage product page. 

If you'd like to talk or see a demo, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us. 

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