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March 18, 2020 | Pascal Lang

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The latest update to InfoWorks ICM, version 10.5, offers a large number of new and enhanced features. Existing customers will find full details in the Help pages. If you're not yet a customer, contact us for more information on any aspect of InfoWorks ICM.

You'll find:

  • SWMM integration: At Innovyze there is a long heritage of enhancing and working with the EPASWMM engine for storm, sewer and flood applications. This engine option and the necessary data structures to support its use are now available alongside the proven native InfoWorks ICM engine.
  • New RTC controllers: Two new types of RTC are now available. CENTAUR has been introduced to allow representation of the CENTAUR gate behaviour for systems where these have been deployed. In addition to this, users are now able to create FUZZY logic rulesets for use in real time control.
  • Output lag and bypass subcatchments: Originating from XPRAFTS, there was functionality for adding artificial lags to runoff from subcatchments using the “output lag” field. We've introduced this to InfoWorks ICM as a new subcatchment field. It is also possible to bypass downstream subcatchment hydrology when chaining subcatchments using the “Bypass runoff” field.
  • 2D conduits and linear drainage improvement: Linear drainage (2D) and Conduits (2D) which were implemented with the release of InfoWorks ICM 10.0 have had their run time performance improved significantly.
  • New timeseries expression: It is now possible to use a new expression of TSDB data streams which allows for the time of the data to be offset by a fixed amount.
  • Spatial TSDB performance: Initialisation times for simulations making use of spatial TSDBs have been significantly improved.

Plus many more new features.

Update your software

To update your ICM to the latest version, 10.5, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you're interested in buying ICM, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

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