What's New in InfoWorks ICM 11.0 and ICMLive 11.0: meshing and more

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May 19, 2020 | Pascal Lang

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The latest update to InfoWorks ICM, version 11.0, has many new and enhanced features. Existing customers will find full details in the Help pages. If you're not yet a customer, contact us for more information on any aspect of InfoWorks ICM.

You'll find:

  • River reach improvements: Users can now increase their productivity by building an entire river reach, or in fact multiple river reaches, from source data with a single click.

Build sections, banks, boundaries and more for multiple river reaches, with a single click, instead of one by one. See how in under 6 minutes  >

  • Clip Mesh generation: Version 11.0 brings a new clip mesh generation option which improves performance for most complex mesh geometries. Under those circumstances the new prototype meshing approach provides improvements in speed and robustness of mesh generation. We are planning on additional improvements to clip meshing in the future, so any feedback is more than welcome.
  • SWMM Enhancements: SWMM networks are fully supported inside InfoWorks ICM and leverage the same database, workgroup structure, and distributed simulation system previously unique to the native SIM Networks – furthering modeling productivity for the industry. With ICM you can now:

    • Import entire InfoSWMM models directly from .mxd and associated model files
    • Import entire SWMM5 models into model groups in one action, including network and event data
    • Enable additional dry weather flows on a per-node basis
    • Make infiltration models on a subcatchment basis with SWMM
  • Gridded ground models: Varying resolution source data for the creation of gridded ground models may now include sub-integer resolution data on import.

You can import gridded ground models of varying resolution, including integer and sub integer resolution values, integrated into a single object in InfoWorks ICM, for meshing, inferences and more. Watch how it's done in 3 minutes  >

  • Snapping mode: Vertices are now more visible during geometry edits, providing better insights and improving efficiency:
  • User defined engineering validation: It is now possible to create your own SQL rules within engineering validation objects. Then you can use them with the validation process to highlight areas of particular concern to the modeller.

Watch how users define SQLs in validation processes, in 3.5 minutes  >

There are many other new features too in release 11.0.

Update your software

To update your ICM to the latest version, 11.0, if you have an active InfoCare subscription, just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you're interested in buying ICM, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

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