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March 23, 2020 | Jessica Jefferys

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MicroDrainage 2020.1 is now available for download. Some of the key new features are:

1. Clearer assessment of SuDS attenuation

Half Drain Time on Summary of Results

Speed up the approval process for pipes or manholes that have an infiltration structure. You can now easily populate regulatory requirements, thanks to the Half Drain Time now appearing via the Summary of Results. The Half Drain Time takes into account the highest volume, and works through the results for the point at which half the highest volume is reached.

MicroDrainage half drain time screenshot

The Design Audit Wizard has been updated to include auditing Half Drain Time for a specific return period/climate change set, and reporting whether they exceed 24 hours. The audit results enable easy review of design against standards.

MicroDrainage design audit wizard screenshot

Half Drain Time audit results can be viewed in the Design Audit Results form.

MicroDrainage design audit results form - screenshot

Run Time per storm duration in Wizards

As SuDS slow down water, run times need to be extended to ensure the peak flow is captured. Wizards now allow a run time (mins) to be entered per storm duration to allow for an in-depth assessment of drain down behaviour. You get a simplified workflow and save time compared to running individual storms.

MicroDrainage run time per storm duration screenshot

2. Enhanced manhole editing and layout

Sewers for Adoption compliance is easier, with simplified editing. We've streamlined the workflow so you can edit manhole intersection coordinates directly via properties.

Manhole Offset Details on Properties form

Read/Write access has been allowed for the Intersection Easting and Northing manhole properties on the Properties form in DrawNet and DrawNet (CAD). These properties are only editable if Access has been set to Required in Properties or Network Details (Schedules).

MicroDrainage - manhole offsets - screenshot

Manhole Invert Level Annotations

We've added Manhole Invert Levels as a viewable manhole item on the Properties form. You can see them as an annotation on the Plan, and can export them using Save Spreadsheet Data form to help deliver outputs in the right format for approval submission. This reduces the need for post-processing manual activities.

MicroDrainage manhole invert levels screenshot

3. Intelligent data exchange with Civil3D

Remember previous Parts Mapping Manager in Civil3D

MicroDrainage 2020.1 helps to maintain data accuracy across tools and to quickly deliver BIM outputs to required standards.

The import and export processes now revert to the previously mapped parts if no changes have been made to either the cross-sectional area or the part family/size. This means that after the initial export/import, the part mapping data will be consulted again only when the parts conditions change.

This helps avoid a key issue of the potential of round tripping using many-to-one and one-to-many, which previously could have resulted in a MicroDrainage structure changing when moving into C3D and back out again. In the example below, a 100mm double pipe would currently become a 200mm Concrete Pipe, but on import from C3D this would take the first item in the mapping and thus be changed to a 200mm Pipe/Conduit.

MicroDrainage remember previous parts mapping - screenshot

4. FilCoten no longer supported by Gatic

FilCoten products are no longer sold by Gatic, so you won't find them in the section type availability list. Old files containing FilCoten products can still be loaded, viewed and analysed.

5. FEH Web Service REFH2.3+ files supported

An update is coming soon to ReFH2.3 (including BFIHost19 variable) with integration of new workflows and compatibility with FEH web services.

Update your software

To update MicroDrainage to the latest version, 2020.1, you will need the Activation Code sent to your account holder if you have an active InfoCare subscription. Then just log in to the Product Download section of the Innovyze support portal.

If you're interested in buying MicroDrainage, fill in a product inquiry form or contact us.

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