Learning Series | InfoWorks WS Pro

Enjoy this five-part learning series discovering useful tools within InfoWorks WS Pro

The InfoWorks WS Pro software product enables water professionals to assess supply to individual customers. It means that supply deficiencies or pollution incidents can be investigated and fixed quickly allowing water companies to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers. Its modelling capabilities show the impact of investment in their networks, so investment programs can be planned with greater confidence.

This series has been designed by Water Supply Engineer, Eland Afuang to show some of the features that you can start utilising to enhance your models.

Video One | Running a direct EPANET Model |  Watch Time 3:30 minutes

Video Two | Extensive GIS integration |  Watch Time 4 minutes

Video Three | SCADA and telemetry data integration |  Watch Time 3:53 minutes

Video Four | Accurately representing your water distribution system  |  Watch Time 3:30 minutes

Video Five | Transforming your model to go live  |  Watch Time 3:00 minutes

Thank you for joining us for this short learning series. If you have any questions for Eland Afuang our Water Solutions Engineer please enter your details in the form for more details. 

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