Apply Data Analytics to Improve Operations and Management

Apply Data Analytics to Improve Operations and Management

Utilities are increasing their installation of field sensors, SCADA systems, and AMI/AMR technology. As a result, they can now source real-time data that is informative of water and wastewater network performance. This, in turn, can empower better integration between operations, engineering, and management.

Operational Analytics solutions analyze this data and identify key performance indicators that deliver impactful catalysts for action. With these tools, operators can more easily pursue proactive system management to address complex challenges that are confronting the global water industry.

Watch this On Demand Webinar webinar that will discuss the following topics:

  • An overview of Operational Analytics applications¬†
  • How you can do more with your data to make better decisions¬†
  • The 4 step methodology of Operational Analytics¬†
  • How Info360 can analyze your captured data to reduce water loss and improve event management

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