Don’t pour your money down the drain! The importance of BIM Level 2 compliance

It's a competitive landscape for construction projects which makes the need to meet BIM Level 2 compliance more important than it has ever been. Organisations of all sizes are required to comply in order to bid on government construction contracts or enter the public sector construction supply chain.

Innovyze’s industry standard drainage design solutions enable BIM Level 2 compliance, while

  • Improving design confidence
  • Increasing profitability. Fewer design iterations mean projects run efficiently
  • Reducing onsite risk. Stronger design reduces the risk of errors making it to construction. Risks are foreseen and mitigated before construction even begins

In this webinar we:

  • Provide an overview of the key challenges associated BIM Level 2 compliance
  • Demonstrate how drainage design solutions can be used to meet BIM Level 2 obligations, reduce human error and improve design confidence
  • Highlight the important role of asset management in maintaining the asset throughout the lifecycle once construction has been completed