Enhancing the modelling performance of InfoWorks ICM

InfoWorks ICM employs the latest technological innovations to manage data effectively, build models efficiently and present results clearly. InfoWorks ICM’s support for the latest 64-bit operating systems (including Windows 10), multi-core processing and GPU acceleration delivers huge productivity gains compared with traditional modelling approaches.

In this webinar, we will look at how you can easily configure InfoWorks ICM to operate as a true Workgroup application. You will see how multiple simulations can be scheduled across a pool of workstations, and how results can be returned to a single shared location for all users to view and analyse. This allows the optimal use of computing resources within an organisation.

Presented by Andrew Walker.

Andrew is a Senior Client Service Manager with Innovyze in the United Kingdom. He specialises in the computerised analysis of drainage and flooding. Andrew has over 30 years’ experience of modelling the key hydraulic processes involved in urban drainage design and analysis.