Overflowing with data? How smart wastewater solutions can overcome the challenges of sewer monitoring

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Discharges from sewer overflows can have a significant adverse environmental impact and are a reputational issue for the water industry.

The need to monitor the performance of overflow locations has been specifically regulated in many countries, in some cases with the pressing expectation that the majority of them be monitored. The solution and requirement? Implementation of event duration monitoring for identified sewer overflows.

The challenges for many utilities is how to effectively manage this massive data output for compliance monitoring and how to capitalise on these data sets with capabilities such as early warning systems and real-time control.

In this webinar, our experts will:

  • Provide an overview of the key challenges associated with near real time monitoring
  • Explain and demonstrate how smart wastewater solutions can be utilised to manage their data output effectively and provide a means to mitigate future overflows
  • Provide further ROI by leveraging these monitoring efforts to aid in the development of early warning systems, wastewater pump optimisation, and real-time control