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Managing the operations and maintenance of water and wastewater networks and treatment plant is complex, with many factors and goals to balance: delivering operational excellence, planning new infrastructure, and maintaining your existing assets - all with streamlined execution and within budget.

These tasks are becoming more challenging, as water scarcity increases, infrastructure ages, urbanisation accelerates, and the climate changes.

Go Proactive

Globally, utilities and municipalities are finding success by transforming their water operations from reactive to proactive – managing and preventing issues before they happen. Technology and innovative uses for it have enabled system operators to predict incidents and optimise network operations, leading to reduced expenditure on energy and chemicals, fewer leaks and bursts, and better management of rainfall. They're able to protect their citizens and the environment.

Start small – or start big

Greater confidence about what's going on in water networks and plant doesn't need to come at vast cost. Straightforward modelling can highlight areas that need more attention, such as issues with water pressure. Installing a small number of targeted sensors can pinpoint the problem, and provide live, continuous reporting. Similarly, asset management systems can be used at any scale from a small zone to city- or region-wide, enabling organisations to prioritise and optimise maintenance and capital works.

For large infrastructure projects, water and wastewater software enables developers to plan and build at speed. Automated design software means that designs can be done right first time – and rapidly updated when requirements change. And when the construction phase begins, live modelling from the start enables developers to monitor what's going on from ground-break to full operation, enabling them to leapfrog what older cities have been able to do.

Smart networks, digital twins, and artificial intelligence

The quantity of data about infrastructure and its operation can be overwhelming – but it's the key to efficient and effective management, through smart networks and digital twins.

Essentially a virtual model of the real world, the digital twin provides a vision of the current and future status of a system, using modelling, data, and forecasting. It visualises what can’t be seen – buried pipes, pumps in remote stations, connectivity, and the status of sensors.

Smart networks use sensors and software for monitoring and control, enabling efficient operations and early action when problems arise. And artificial intelligence (AI) is now making its mark, fine-tuning water and wastewater operations to reduce expenditure (opex) within regulatory and environmental requirements.

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