Innovyze UK & European Conference 2020 Presentations

Download the presentations from our March 2020 conference


Over 200 delegates shared their experiences through case studies, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions, in Birmingham on 4-5 March 2020. The speaker presentations will appear below as they become available - check back soon if the ones you want aren't available today.

We thank all those who were involved in the conference and look forward to future user events.

Sewer, Storm and Flood Modelling

Responding to the Climate Emergency   Slides   Video  | Craig Woolhouse, Deputy Director, Evidence and Risk, Environment Agency

Using advances in AI to tackle scheme design:  Slides   Video  | Vish Naik & Dominique Izzard, Anglian Water

Whose water is it?   Slides    Video | Luke Johnson, RAA Ltd

The Smart Digital Twin: Finding a Real Time Solution:   Slides   Video  | John Barnes & Sam Cooper, EnginSoft

Maximising strategic outputs for AMP7: How do we sweat what we have?   Slides   Video  | James Hale & Dan Bourne, RPS Water

Deploying InfoWorks ICM in a workgroup environment:   Slides   Video  | Daniel Moreira, Innovyze

Gatwick Airport’s Integrated Catchment Model | Andy McConkey, Noemi Cascajosa-Perez, Jacobs

Establishing a new Dorset Coastal Asset Management System:  Slides    Video  | Jon Evans, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council  For conference delegates only. Please don’t share.

The future direction of InfoWorks ICM and Product Announcement:   Slides    Video  | Tom Godman & Andrew Walker, Innovyze

CENTAUR User Confidence Testing | Jonathan Cutting, WSP

Using low voltage conductivity and InfoAsset Planner to overcome drawbacks of CCTV:   Slides   Video  | Chuck Hansen, Electro Scan

Drainage Design

Delivery of Surface Water Drainage - a LLFA Perspective:  Slides   Video  | Bronwyn Buntine, ASA

Delivering SuDS through planning:  Slides  Video  | Sam Kipling, Environment Agency

Update on Design and Construction Guidance (DCG aka SFA8):   Slides   Video  | Jon Glerum, Anglian Water

Using MicroDrainage and xpsite3D on a residential development: a case study from Newland Homes  Slides   Video  | Brian Jones, Newland Homes

Implementing & Maintaining SuDS in the UK:  Video  | Peter Holt, Arup

Asset Management for Drainage Infrastructure:  Video  | Tony Andrews, Idris Nujjoo, Innovyze

Sites, Sinkholes and Streams – Drainage Strategy Development for the Real World:  Slides  | Paul Birkenshaw, Atkins

Eastcote Rain Gardens, London Borough of Hillingdon:   Slides   Video  | Samer Muhandes, Project Centre

Modelling dual use green infrastructure in Sidmouth:   Slides   Video  | Paul Hargreaves, Jacobs  For conference delegates only. Please don’t share.

Drainage Design 2019, 2020 and Beyond:   Slides   Video  | Jessica Jefferys & Mark Ellis, Innovyze

Water Distribution Modelling

Water Distribution Modeling and Management:   Slides   | Paul Horton, Future Water Association

The ​Energy Maps: Visualising energy usage to help improve energy efficiency:  Slides  | Chris Bros, Stantec

The Use of Electrical Conductivity for Testing Water Main Acceptance and Finding Leaks in Pressurised Pipes:   Slides   Video  | Chuck Hansen, Founder and Chairman, Electro Scan

The role of modelling, AI and optimisation in operational digital twins:  Video  | Mohamad Vedut and David Fortune, Innovyze

Infrastructure strategy optimisation for a resilient future supply: Slides  Video  | Giada Ferrari, Principal Engineer – Water, Arcadis

Challenges for AMP 7:   Slides   Video  | Helen Wood, Hydraulic Modelling Engineer, South East Water

Supporting UK’s growth: Developing a flexible, integrated and timely approach for clean water network planning to support accelerated residential and commercial growth | John Visser, Civil Engineer, Atkins and Iain Stevenson, Thames Water

FLO – The Right DMA in The Right Time | Dr Joe Sanders, technical Sector Lead, RPS

Modelling Growth in Bristol Water | Spencer Martin, Network Asset Modelling Engineer, Bristol Water