Harnessing AI to Optimize Water Distribution and Supply Networks

On Demand Webinar

Discover how you can benefit from the power of InfoWorks WS Pro and Optimizer from Optimatics.

InfoWorks WS Pro delivers advanced hydraulic modelling software for faster, more robust analysis and management of water supply networks. But complex hydraulics and hydrology, time, and budgets often combine to make it difficult for engineers to manually identify the most effective path forward.

The integration of InfoWorks WS Pro and Optimizer allows users to deliver transparent and defensible strategies for water distribution and collection systems that minimize TOTEX and optimize hydraulic performance. The flexible Optimizer platform allows users to address a myriad of objectives including CAPEX, OPEX, hydraulic performance, energy, water quality, and social/environmental benefit. Using state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and high-performance computing, Optimizer allows thousands of strategies to be assessed in a matter of hours.

Join us to see how you can intelligently and easily optimize your current hydraulic modelling experience by automating the traditional ‘trial and error’ planning approach, producing many potential combinations that meet the desired requirements and avoid costly overdesigns.