Harnessing the power of digital twins to transform water network operations

On Demand Webinar

Digital Twins are virtual representations of the real world – in this case our water distribution networks. They empower Operations Teams to develop a Smart Infrastructure Network (a Digital Twin) of their water transmission and distribution networks in real-time.

Join us to see how all kinds of important sensor and SCADA data can be integrated together. Then see how this data can be visualised on dashboards providing operators and operations managers with a clear view of what is happening in the water network – and what is likely to be happening in the hours to come.

In this session we will explore:

  • Why real time operational modelling is important and different to planning work
  • How to utilises your third-party data and hydraulic model to create an accurate real time representation of the model in real time.
  • Quick incident response replication and results analysis to reduce time without water and poor water quality.
  • How to use this as a tool to put the customer first by reducing customer impact and getting accurate analysis to customers during incidents.

Reserve your place now as we showcase how water utilities and municipalities can benefit from digital twins to improve operational efficiency, customer service levels and reduce costs.