How AI transforms industrial wastewater treatment plants

Innovyze is a global leader in building innovative, industry-leading software for water and heavy industries for over 35 years. We optimise water and wastewater treatment operations for thousands of clients around the world.  

This webinar will introduce how our ground-breaking Emagin Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms real-time optimisation for wastewater treatment plants. Join us to learn how water operations and processes for industrial facilities such as food and beverage, mining, oil, pulp and paper plants can benefit from improved efficiency and reduced costs. 

During this webinar we will cover the following topics: 

  • Introduction to Innovyze and Emagin AI 
  • Introduction to Predictive Control  
  • Application areas in wastewater treatment
  • Case Studies 

Join Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor, Wayne Higgins and Igor Lopez as they introduce how AI can transform your industrial water operations.