Improving Flood Risk Management with Anglian Water

On Demand Webinar

Balancing cost with flood risk mitigation is a challenge when complex hydraulics and hydrology are at play.  Many engineers are forced to “guess and check” a limited number of model simulations against project plans and budget to find a path forward. How can water utilities effectively balance cost and system performance?

When faced with this problem, Anglian Water turned to Innovyze’s InfoWorks ICM and Optimatic’s Optimizer.

Join us to see how this award-winning UK water company:

  • Used technology to provide an unbiased review of cost vs. performance
  • Identified and reviewed optimal project plans
  • Leveraged advanced decision support to improve their end-result

You’ll see how they could compare optimum scenario evaluations according to their project requirements and budget to ultimately find the most cost-effective upgrade strategy.


  • Nathan Gerdts, Systems Engineer | Innovyze
  • Lucy Pocock, Senior Optimization Engineer | Optimatics
  • Vish Naik, Hydraulic Modelling Engineer | Anglian Water
  • Dominique Izzard, Senior Modeller | Anglian Water