Improving Water Quality and Resilience

On Demand Webinar 

This webinar will focus on two of the most disruptive events that can impact water service delivery namely discontinuity of water supply and drinking water quality. Learn how analysis of these key areas is crucial in the context of meeting customer demand, sustainability, and regulatory targets.

See how exciting new InfoWorks WS Pro and IWLive Pro features can help your network operations improve. Understand how to target interventions, in a cost-effective manner, providing customers with the continuity of service they expect and rely on.

Water quality – New Multi Species water quality analysis to study the interaction between different solutes to help with source blending and potential contamination extents.

Pipe breaks - New analysis that will help you more accurately identify critical pipe bursts along with incident / post incident management and analysis.

Join us to see new InfoWorks WS Pro and IWLive Pro features in action that help improve water quality and resilience for your networks.