Multiple Benefits of SuDS: Water Quality - Part 1

On Demand Webinar

The Environment Bill is making its way through parliament, the DCG is implementing the SuDS 4 pillars…are you ready? 

Innovyze is delighted to announce a new 4-part series of Water Talks on the Multiple Benefits of SuDS featuring guest speakers who are experts in their disciplines. 

We start on Thursday 11th February at 1pm with Jo Bradley, Director of Operations at Stormwater Shepherds with a focus on Water Quality. Jo has over 30 years of experience and is passionate about getting the water quality elements of SuDS designs right. 

Join us to understand how we should size SuDS treatment devices properly, so that they can treat the runoff well. How big must a pond be to deliver effective treatment? We need to understand the natural processes that are delivering the treatment and then work with those processes to give them the time that they need. 

For invaluable and fascinating insight register now to help make great ‘future proof’ places to live and work. With plenty of time to answer your questions, don’t miss this exciting Live Water Talk!