Stormwater Pollution Prevention: Spotlight on Stormwater Shepherds

On Demand Webinar

Join us as we focus on how we can impact and improve the environment through the prevention of stormwater pollution 

We are proud to be joined by Jo Bradley, UK Director of Operations at Stormwater Shepherds, a not-for-profit initiative targeting plastic & urban pollution in water environments. 

Urban generated pollution accounts for a staggering 80% of ocean plastic, and Stormwater Shepherds have made it their mission to stop it at the source.  

Learn more about the work of Stormwater Shepherds and how their strategic goals in stormwater management and pollution prevention directly address the issue through action, education, and advocacy to improve the quality of our urban waterways. 

With plenty of time for our experts to answer your questions, join us to hear more about this important issue.