The Path to Optimizing Water Network Resilience

On Demand Webinar

Aging infrastructure combined with demand growth and customer expectations are causing a real threat to our networks. Some network assets are considered critical because of the number of customers they serve, the type of customers they are (schools, hospitals, etc.), their age or because they impact resilience.

The path to optimizing resilience begins with understanding your critical assets and by making decisions on acceptable levels of risk. This webinar will showcase how InfoWorks WS Pro can deliver comprehensive network assessments on all network assets, as well as providing a holistic view of your network health.

In this webinar we will explore crucial techniques used to assess risk:

  • Available hydrant fire flow assessment.
  • Assess the critical mains in the network based on customers affected by isolation
  • Transient impact from all network pumps tripping out because of an electrical failure, or the transient affect from isolation and boundary valves being shut/closed.
  • Customers affected by hydrant opening and levels of service they achieve.
  • The water quality changes experienced when they are network rezones by assessing turbidity, flow reversals, changes of concentration and age of water.

Join us to see how to optimize your water network resilience!