Urban Flood Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis

On Demand Webinar

Join us to hear from Andrés González-Iñiguez, water engineer, and PhD student at KU Leuven as we focus on urban flood modelling and a sensitivity analysis on flow exchange processes between the ground surface and the sewer network.

Recent studies have shown the importance of street inlets in urban drainage models to represent the water exchange process between the ground surface and the sewer network. Their spatial distribution and hydraulic properties have a direct impact on the occurrence of surface flooding. Although their inclusion results in a more realistic representation of the system, the number of parameters is increased. To avoid model overparameterization, it is necessary to identify sensitive parameters.  

Andrés will reveal analysis and results from his research as he presents a sensitivity analysis of model parameters controlling the water exchange process using a detailed 1D-2D urban drainage model built in InfoWorks ICM.