InfoAsset Planner Rehab Plan Decision Trees

Example decision trees and their exportable files used in InfoAsset Planner


The following is an article from the InfoCare Support Portal's Knowledgebase.  

Decision trees are a valuable resource in the creation of rehabilitation plans within InfoAsset Planner. Through the use of conditions, comments, actions, and links, users can define a series of yes/no conditional control statements the model will run through to come up with a suggested rehab action based on the existing conditions and potential outcomes.

A common request from InfoAsset Planner users has been to see example decision trees; thanks to a few customers who have kindly agreed to allow us to share the decision trees used in their models, we are able to provide examples of what paths other companies are using and what they would look like in your own models, as well as providing XML files that can export the decision trees directly into InfoAsset Planner projects. One caveat to the XML files, however, is that they are based off the original project, so the files will not run in new models.

Download files for the decision trees can be found here.

If you would like to share your own decision tree files, please complete the linked survey  and send an email to with an XML of your decision tree attached.

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