What's Ahead for Water in 2020?

The global water industry is at crossroads. What will 2020 hold?

Every region faces unique challenges for managing water resources – yet, what issues are common globally? And, what international innovations could inspire better water resource management at the local scale?

Delivering clean water, providing suitable sanitation to promote community health, and ensuring that cities are empowered to reliably deliver service in an equitable way are just a few of the common challenges that water and wastewater engineers experience across the globe. The resolution of these global challenges is often driven by local solutions.

So, what does this mean for 2020? What trends and predictions will spur continued growth in the global water industry? In many ways, the challenges of the past remain challenges for the future, but it is the willingness of practitioners around the world to innovate that delivers the highest promise and optimism for this crucial industry. 

We’ll discuss these issues in our Live Webinar “Global Water Trends & Predictions for 2020 on January 8.

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At Innovyze, we commit ourselves to the idea that "Water is Life". On a global scale, this means we support initiatives for sustainable development as they relate to water. Locally, we live this mission in our relentless pursuit to provide local water and wastewater engineers with the tools they need to serve their communities well.

Join us for our upcoming webinar to dive deeper into this topic and see what 2020 may hold for your organization.