Water Talks | Around the world with InfoWorks ICM - 📍 UK

In this water talk, we take a look at how InfoWorks ICM is helping different teams around the globe solve complex water problems.

See how InfoWorks ICM is being used in the UK!

3/2/2021 | 9a PST / 5p GMT

Francisco Simon will share Scottish Water experience in using InfoWorks ICM to build direct rainfall models for urban drainage management. Scottish Water has developed a method to build direct rainfall models called 2Di.

The webinar will present various case studies from two initial pilot studies with medium size catchments to the current construction of a 2Di model at city scale in Aberdeen (370km2; 250,000 population).

The webinar will also discuss the benefits of using 2Di models in urban drainage management, including an enhanced understating of runoff generation, routing and its interaction with sewer systems. This will support Scottish Water in the development of sustainable surface water strategies that prioritise blue-green infrastructure on the surface over grey infrastructure underground.



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