Water Talks | ICM + Civil3D in InfoDrainage

4/20/2021 | 9am PT / 12pm ET

Drainage design is conceptually a straight-forward process. Water flows downhill, you ensure your pipes handle your design storm and you mitigate the peak flow, right? 

But how do you know your design is efficient? Is there a quicker way to size my pipes, BMPs, LIDs, and get my design on a set of plans ready to stamp?  Tomorrow we'll answer those questions.

Learn how to streamline your process, how to go from a blank slate to a set of design plans, and how to pull the necessary reports within a half hour, with the assurance of a good design by using validation and auditing tools.  

We'll also be looking at the new integration with InfoWorks ICM so that you know how your newly designed drainage system will fit within your existing watershed model.


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