Water Talks | Tips & Tricks for Real Time Controls in InfoWorks ICM

5/4/2021 | 9am PT / 12pm ET

As technologies within hydraulic models evolve and systems become "smarter", the need for configuring Real-Time Control (RTC) logic has increased dramatically.

With this, the use of advanced technologies for optimization will only continue to grow and become more complex as we prioritize project efficiency.

Since most modelers don't configure RTC logic regularly, they find ourselves needing to re-learn (like we'd need to do with anything we don't do frequently). This unfortunately causes project inefficiency. 

But guess what? We have a solution! InfoWorks ICM offers a wide range of RTC capabilities that enable utilities to save time without sacrificing accuracy.

In this Water Talk, we'll meet Senior Technical Services Engineer, Nicole Hathorn, who will share tips and tricks on setting up RTC in InfoWorks ICM that she has learned from countless client support cases over the past 11 years.

We'll also discuss:

  • Common pitfalls and recommendations for VSP and VFD pumps,
  • show you how RTC can integrate with real-time telemetry data through TSDB and;
  • optimize in-line storage using sluice gates with fuzzy logic.


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