Water Software for Consultancies

How do you maximise your engineers' utilization, keep clients returning for more work, add value, and differentiate your bids so that you're not competing solely on price?

The Challenge

Utilization, profit margin, and project risk management can make or break a consultancy. Your engineers and project teams need to work efficiently and accurately, avoiding rework. For some projects they must be able to collaborate effectively with the client. They need to control the risks of crashes when models run, and of poor-quality source data.

And you need to get the right work in the door in the first place, where you'll have a competitive edge.

The software you choose for a project has a big impact. Innovyze can give you the edge you need.

InfoWorks ICM screen shot

The Solution

  • Collaborate Easily, with Multi-User Software

    Innovyze offers the only hydraulic modelling software that supports unlimited multi-user editing with conflict control. This enables your project team and your client to collaborate without the need to pass flat files back and forth, hoping that file name convention preserves project integrity.

    InfoAsset, which helps plan and manage assets, has an online view that's ideal for providing dashboards tailored to the needs of clients.

  • Add Value to Your Clients

    Extra features in our software – from optimization tools to live modelling – can make your offering more valuable to clients, and help you stand out against the competition.

    Live modelling can give you a particular edge. It verifies models constantly, giving clients better accuracy and thus confidence, and provides an ongoing workstream so you can offer a subscription or retainer pricing model. The best way to positively disrupt competitors who compete with you to recalibrate a model every few years, is to implement a live model where calibration is delivered as required and via an ongoing service.

    We also offer tools that optimize energy costs, delivering savings for your clients.

    You get faster project delivery from tools that parallelize multiple runs, splitting simulations across multiple common cores and runs across networked hardware.

    And preparing project deliverables ahead of schedule:

    • Increases profit
    • Can trigger project incentive payments
    • Allows time for value-add such as sensitivity analysis of project risk or assumptions
  • Manage Project Risk Associated with Poor-Quality Source Data

    Ever seen GIS source data or even SCADA time series that’s perfectly ready as an input for a hydraulic model? Don’t worry, we haven’t either! We have developed a suite of data validation and inference features over 30 years to:

    • Quickly expose poor quality client data before you even write your proposal
    • Find repair data issues automatically and simultaneously flag the repaired and inferred values
  • Respond to Client Needs

    Our software integrates well with other programs, protecting existing investment. There are mapping-agnostic or Esri (ArcGIS/ArcMap) versions. We have tools for every part of the water cycle. All helping you to win new business and operate your business sustainably.

When you're looking for software for water and wastewater engagements, check that:

  • The software is widely accepted by clients, so your project teams can work with familiar tools
  • The supplier isn't also a competitor
  • Simulation results are accurate and are generated in a reasonable time-frame
  • More than one engineer at a time can work on the project