2019 Annual Melbourne User Event

Success Through Solutions

Melbourne, Australia

The Innovyze team are excited to announce our Annual Melbourne User Event for 2019!

What is it about?

Two-days full of networking, case study presentations and technology demonstrations focused on:

Day One

  • Urban Potable Water Network Planning
  • Automation in Asset Management
  • Water Data Analytics


  • Eland Afuang, Water Supply Solutions Lead | Innovyze - Presenting 'InfoWater Pro 2.0 New Features'
  • Ashley Vanderpool, Civil Engineer | Stantec - Presenting 'SA Water Modelling on OuterMetro/Country areas using InfoWorks PRO and IWLive'
  • Colby Manwaring, CEO | Innovyze - Presenting 'Digital Twin'
  • Michael Tolhurst, Hydraulic Modelling Lead | Coliban Water - Presenting 'Calculation of Water Network Design Demands Using Statistical Analysis of Monitoring Data'
  • Nicholas Longden, Project Manager | Urban Water Solutions - Presenting 'Do Diurnal System Profiles Accurately Represent System Behaviour?'
  • Magnolia Garcia, Asset Data Solutions Lead | Innovyze - Presenting on Asset Management
  • Asoka Jayaratne, Water Quality Specialist | Yarra Valley Water & Alex Tarulli, Senior Engineer | GHD - Presenting 'Water Age Model as a Precursor for Chlorine Decay Modelling' 
  • Tony Andrews, Project Manager | Innovyze - Presenting 'Advances in Pipeline and Manhole CCTV Inspection Management Using InfoAsset'

Day Two (Sewer and Storm split room)
Sewer session: Allocation Exhausted

  • Smarter Wastewater Networks
  • Better Stormwater Models
  • Operational Decision Support Systems


  • Daniel Burton, Water Sector Customer Lead | Bureau of Meteorology - Presenting 'Supporting Decision Making in the Australian Water Sector'
  • Rosario D'arpa, Senior Engineer | Water Corporation - Presenting 'Reduced Peak WWTP Inflow Diurnal Volumes: Optimised Wastewater Network Operation That Takes Full Advantage of the Wastewater Overflow Risk Management (WORM) functionality'
  • Patrick Bonk, Software Solutions Lead | Innovyze - Presenting on Live Sewer Modelling
  • Bradley Nissley, Project Engineer | Urban Water Solutions - Presenting 'A Decade of Continuous Sewerage Model Improvement and Master Planning in Little Rock Arkansas' 
  • Mahinda Jayasooriya, Technical Specialist System Planning & Modelling | Central Highlands Water - Presenting 'Application of Using Hydraulic Modelling Software in Assessment of Inflow and Infiltration in Sewer Collection Systems'
  • Orlando Guzman, Technical Support Manager | Innovyze - Presenting 'Tips & Tricks'
  • Celine Marchenay, Group Manager ISWM | Water Technology - Presenting 'Development of City-Wide Drainage Model to Assess System Performance'
  • Andrew Allan, Strategic Water Engineer | Manningham Council - Presenting 'New Flood Modelling Methodology' 
  • Sophia Buchanan, Senior Stormwater Engineer | Innovyze - Presenting 'Going Live'
  • Johnathan Klaric, Mathematician | Innovyze - Presenting 'Assessing ARR19 Statistics in 2D'

Who is it for?

We love catching up with our loyal Innovyze clients and introducing new water experts to the Innovyze community.

This is a perfect opportunity for industry leaders from the Southern states of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to gather around and share the latest in technology and innovation for managing their water and wastewater networks using advanced Innovyze software tools.

This event offers complimentary entry to Innovyze users offering a pass per maintained Innovyze software licence seat. Alternatively, for non-licence holders we have a $175 +GST registration fee per day.  The event will be catered throughout the day/s providing morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with refreshments in between.

When is it?

Date: Thursday 14th & Friday 15th November 2019

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm local time (Registration starts at 9:00am)
Location: Freshwater Place Melbourne, 1 Freshwater Place, Southbank, Victoria 3006

Other important stuff

This year we are doing things a little differently! We all know that combined Storm & Sewer systems might work overseas but, in Australia we like to keep these things separated. We decided the same goes for our User Event! Instead of combining the Sewer & Storm day like we've done in previous years we will now be separating Day 2 into a dedicated Storm & Flood and Sewer event to ensure you are getting a full day on each topic. Please select your main interest for Day 2 when completing the registration form. 

If you are interested in presenting at this event, please submit an electronic abstract (50-100 words) and presentation title by Friday, 13th September by 12 pm AEST to Vanessa Heathcote via email (vanessa.heathcote@innovyze.com) No written paper is required, however Innovyze would like to include a PDF copy of the presentation on our website after the event. Spots for presenting are limited so make sure to reach out as soon as possible!

Registration is now closed - ALLOCATION EXHAUSTED (Please register your interest for next year's event with vanessa.heathcote@innovyze.com)


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“Since dipping my toes in InfoWorks CS/ICM in 2006, I have enjoyed the efficiency the software tools provide to tackle simple or complex flooding problems. This year I'm looking forward to sharing the challenges & learnings on modelling a large scale drainage model of Melbourne Metropolitan area”. - Celine Marchenay (Water Technology, Melbourne)