From Sewer Infiltration to Asset Rehabilitation – An End-to-End Roadmap for Action

Hosted by: Innovyze + Electro Scan

April 29, 2020 - 10am PT | 1pm ET

Inflow and infiltration (I/I) is costly for cities – affecting both social and financial capital. If you can’t find and resolve I/I quickly, your city is at risk of environmentally hazardous sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), fines, and accelerated asset deterioration. Uncontrollable I/I will jeopardize economic and residential development. Now is the time to stop playing catch-up to never ending I/I problems. To stay ahead of I/I, you must proactively develop an end-to-end improvement plan.

Join Electro Scan and Innovyze for a live webinar on how cutting-edge sewer inspection technology can inform prioritized capital improvement plans.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • How sewer pipes are inspected using Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) technology
  • How FELL and CCTV can work together
  • How to leverage inspection data in InfoAsset Planner to minimize and eliminate infiltration
  • How customizable Decision Trees can help you develop a prioritized asset renewal plan
  • What comes next?

You’ll leave being empowered to improve inspection data integrity, deliver high-confidence renewal plans, and allocate targeted capital investments to reduce I/I, asset failure, and the risk of compliance penalties.



Chuck Hansen, Chairman & CEO | Electro Scan

Mr. Hansen is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Electro Scan Inc. and Managing Director of Hansen Analytics LLC, Sacramento, California, USA, with nearly 40 years supplying advanced asset management solutions to over 2,000 sewer & water agencies worldwide. In 1995, Hansen was selected by the Association of Local Government Engineers of New Zealand (ALGENZ) to supply a countrywide pipeline asset management system, and later developed the first Asset Management System to adhere to AAS27. Partnered with Melbourne-based MITS, Hansen employed over 70 employees in its Collins Street offices before selling his company to Infor Global in 2007. After selling Hansen Information Technologies Inc. in 2007 for US$100 million (AUD150 million), Hansen has been a private equity investor involved in numerous start-ups and an investment advisor to a California-based venture capital firm.

Today, Hansen works with the world’s leading utilities to re-engineer their decision support systems to take advantage of machine learning and machine-intelligent technologies to streamline and enhance decision making. A licensed instrument-rated pilot and baritone saxophonist who has played with numerous artists & bands, including Huey Lewis, Toby Keith, and Tower of Power, Mr. Hansen earned his B.Sc. from U.C. Berkeley (1978) and M.B.A. from UCLA (1982).


Tim Medearis, Systems Engineer | Innovyze

Tim is a Systems Engineer at Innovzye. He joined Innovyze in July 2016 after completing his Masters with research in hydrology and industrial water treatment. With Innovyze, Tim has spent time as a member of the support and technical services team as well as the sales team. He has worked extensively with Innovyze’s asset management software and has assisted in training, implementation, and support with hundreds of Innovyze customers around the world.