2020 National Digital Discovery Event

What is it about?

Two-days full of networking, case study presentations and technology demonstrations focused on:

Day One

  • Urban Potable Water Network Planning
  • Automation in Asset Management
  • Water Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Day Two 

  • Smarter Wastewater Networks
  • Better Stormwater Models
  • Operational Decision Support Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Presenters to be announced. 

Who is it for?

We love catching up with our loyal Innovyze clients and introducing new water experts to the Innovyze community.

This is a perfect opportunity for industry leaders from all over Australia to gather around and share the latest in technology and innovation for managing their water and wastewater networks using advanced Innovyze software tools.

This event offers complimentary entry to Innovyze users offering one pass per maintained Innovyze software licence seat. Alternatively, for non-licence holders we have a $175 +GST registration fee per day.  The event will be catered throughout the day/s providing morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with refreshments in between.

When is it?


Interested in presenting?

Please submit an electronic abstract (50-100 words) to Vanessa Heathcote via email (vanessa.heathcote@innovyze.com) No written paper is required, however Innovyze would like to include a PDF copy of the presentation on our website after the event. Spots for presenting are limited so make sure to reach out as soon as possible!


If you're interested in attending the Digital Discovery Event please fill and submit the form.