Live Webinar: Making Scotland’s Smart Canal a Reality with Live Modelling

EMEAI Live Webinar

October 16, 2019 at 12:00 BST

Did you know that smart solutions from Innovyze and AECOM have released over 110 hectares of North Glasgow real estate for development?

Our work will allow shops, businesses and up to 3000 new homes to be built on land that was historically considered unfit for development.

In this joint webinar with AECOM, we will take you through the innovative approach that enabled Scottish Canals, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Water to take this major step forward.

We will be sharing details of:

  • The control system developed by AECOM that uses remote sensors and rainfall forecasts to feed into ICMLive
  • Automatically controlled sluice valves that manage water levels in the canal.
  • How adjusting the water level in the canal creates up to 22 Olympic swimming pools worth of extra storage, while the canal remains navigable.

The impact has been profound.

"Creating a dynamic urban canal which uses smart technology to move water safely about the city will not only reduce the flood risk impact of climate change, but act as a catalyst for new investment, jobs, homes and businesses in North Glasgow as well as help to create one of the city’s top tourist destinations." CEO, Scottish Canals

Join us on Wednesday October 16th for a behind-the-scenes look at the 21st century technology powering a 250-year-old canal.