Water Talks

Live virtual sessions with the experts

June 9, 2020 - 9am PT | 12pm ET

We are excited to announce weekly Water Talks - Live virtual sessions with the experts!

Our experts will answer your questions, provide advice and offer insights LIVE and unscripted!

Our goal is to create a community and environment where we can connect on common issues and work together to solve them quickly! 

Each session will highlight a different topic during the first 10 minutes. Then we will open the chat to questions around anything and everything. 

6/9 -   Streamlining model calibration for water and sewer systems

6/11 -  Sewer + Storm + Flood Modeling: Open Forum

6/16 -  Asset Management: APM vs. OPM vs. RCM

6/18 -  Water Distribution Modeling: Open Forum

6/23 -  Introducing InfoAsset Planner 2020.2


*Please note, you are only registering for the June 9 session, not the entire series.