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Asset Management for Civil Infrastructure in Australia and Asia-Pacific

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InfoAsset is a powerful, multi-user software platform purposely built for the management of water, sewer, stormwater networks and other user-defined enterprise civil assets. It uses the very latest in master database technology with in-built validation and audit tools to provide a single reliable dataset for both day-to-day operational decisions and long-term asset management analytics. InfoAsset seamlessly links with all your existing systems and databases to bring data and reports out of CDs, USBs, paper and filing cabinets and deliver it to the fingertips of all your users. Data is self-validated and can be accessed by multiple users over a living and breathing system of workflows over time – removing paper shuffling and revolutionising the way we manage the assets that serve our communities.


InfoAsset is a product platform built upon our internationally acclaimed family of Innovyze Workgroup Products (including InfoWorks ICM). InfoAsset introduces new technologies such as CCTV survey management, spatial and SCADA time series database links and multi-user decision logic, whilst building on the strength of 40+ years’ experience working with water utilities and large local government entities and their enterprise assets.

The InfoAsset platform is more than 15 years old and was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of Local Governments and Water Utilities that need to understand, operate, control and closely manage their drainage, sewer and water assets. Innovyze understands the need for accurate, current and easily accessible data, audit trails and security mechanisms designed for the asset management task in mind.

The power of InfoAsset is derived from its state-of-the-art relational master database system that links water network assets so that information relevant to the user’s decision-making process is always available. The database allows full commit, rollback, user-management, data flags and branching to assist in providing transparency for how decisions have been made. The database is designed for big data applications with functions such as self-cleaning and self-archiving.

Map of active InfoAsset users in Australia and New Zealand

Typical Applications

  • Converging disparate systems and datasets
  • CCTV Survey Management
  • Risk-based renewals planning
  • Work order and personnel management
  • Financial forecasting of operations and maintenance
  • Capital forecasting
  • Maintenance operations
  • Sewer corrosion and odour risk assessment
  • Master Planning
  • Network model build, validation and data-cleansing

Map: active InfoAsset users in Australia and New Zealand

Product Features

What sets InfoAsset apart?

  • An asset manager’s tool designed specifically for all aspects of stormwater, wastewater, water distribution and civil assets – solving challenges unique to those systems.
  • The master database system allows you to manage and maintain networks over a long period rather than just for a particular reporting or analysis exercise.
InfoAsset Online screengrab
InfoAsset CCTV screengrab
  • View CCTV footage and add defects on the fly to assist with coding and scoring surveys.
  • WSA-05 2003, 2008 and 2012 compliance (with 2018 coming soon) to maintain industry standards.
  • Enables adherence to IPWEA Practice Note 5 (stormwater) & Practice Note 7 (water supply/sewerage) for best practice methodology and standard file formats.
  • Collaborate on model data with a workgroup of users with decision tracking, audit trails, data source flags and safety features designed to allow users to commit, branch and rollback to any dataset on any version.
  • A powerful data convergence platform to safely import and merge existing database systems and departments.
  • View a geographical representation of the network on screen, with the pipe network displayed underneath the detailed surface terrain, in 2D or 3D. With direct links to online maps such as Google Street View.
  • Comprehensive facilities to customise the look and feel and post-process analytical information visually.
  • InfoAsset Exchange safely links databases with other organisational systems in near real-time. e.g. SAP, Maximo, Hansen, Oracle, SQL, CSV, GIS, etc.
  • InfoAsset Mobile (Android & Windows) for field data collection and mobile work orders and management (iOS Web App coming soon).
  • Transportable database option for bundling information and networks to share externally.
InfoAsset screengrab
InfoAsset long section screengrab
  • Visually analyse network assets and hydraulic structures in a variety of different views to rapidly validate information, and easily explain issues with infrastructure
  • Ability to link to other time-series databases (TSDB), live SCADA or data loggers for water quality, pH, gas, etc.
  • Analyse results using a wide variety of graphs, long-section pipes, textual and statistical outputs.
  • Predictive Capital Forecasting tool for estimating costs and resourcing scenarios for future repairs and surveys.
  • Lifetime estimation tool for analysing failure history and probability of future failure.
  • Easy dashboard builder to present the latest financial and asset data and save time generating reports and graphs.
InfoAsset screengrab
InfoAsset geoplan screengrab
  • Display location and defects in a map view. Holistically view surveyed vs. unsurveyed areas.
  • Ruby script API allows power users to automate and program additional functions into the software.
  • Display location and defects in a map view. Holistically view surveyed vs. unsurveyed areas.

Why Innovyze?

Innovyze has extensive experience in supplying and supporting consultants and government authorities globally. We pride ourselves on making tools that are accessible to users and providing extensive support and training services to grow their confidence and capabilities for their organisation.

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