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InfoWater Pro 2.0 released by Innovyze

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Wallingford, UK

November 18, 2019

Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics software, has announced the release of InfoWater Pro 2.0.

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Luca Serena, Product Manager, said: “InfoWater Pro was an important step forward, bringing InfoWater's capabilities into the next-generation platform, ArcGIS Pro, for people who'd upgraded from ArcGIS. InfoWater Pro 2.0 improves their experience significantly, with really impressive graphics, enhanced pressure zone functions, greater control over simulations, faster results, and a new way to submit interim deliverables to clients through ArcGIS Online.”

Highlights of the new release are:

  • New schematic view gives you summary overviews with your map that are readily understandable by people who aren’t familiar with the model
  • ArcGIS Online is now supported by InfoWater Pro GIS Gateway , so you can create models from ArcGIS Online data sources and update ArcGIS Online with hydraulic results
  • Patterns are now relative, so you can define an individual pattern starting time for different simulation starting times
  • You can now be more confident about your model, by connecting external telemetry data for continuous verification. Check with us for the latest available data adapters.

Further advantages include:

  • Improved user experience and productivity, thanks to improved maps, zooming and panning
  • Understand system impacts better, with 3D view for simulation results
  • Resolve potential criticality at the design stage, with advanced 3D representation of your network topology
  • Criticality Assessment Manager scores asset failure criticality, based on the number of customers getting a poor service level

Who it's For

InfoWater Pro empowers water distribution managers to make good decisions about their supply network. It is fully integrated into Esri ArcGIS Pro, providing unsurpassed spatial analysis capabilities. It offers fast modeling, advanced 3D views, and a range of apps to choose from. And it extends the life of models.

What's New

Full details are available on the Innovyze website.

About Innovyze

Innovyze empowers water professionals around the world to create, manage, and maintain water services. We are the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics software, providing enduring support for customer success. More than 3,000 customers in nearly 60 countries use our solutions to plan, design, manage, optimize, and maintain water and wastewater networks and assets.

For more information, contact us.

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