Innovyze and Optimatics Partner to Provide InfoWorks ICM Integrated Version of Optimizer

InfoWorks ICM users now have the opportunity to easily integrate with Optimizer by Optimatics through the ICM Exchange. The Optimizer program connects to an ICM database and imports networks and model runs for optimization, formulation and plan evaluation. The results provide engineers with more value from their models by taking a data-driven approach that is objective and defensible.

“Our tools run simulations and with Optimatics, we can run thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of our simulations to provide an optimal solution space,” Innovyze VP of Global Strategic Partnerships, Erick Heath said.

Millions of options, with the best ones clearly presented

Optimatics core technology is based on computational intelligence and cloud computing that can run many simulations, very quickly. It uses optimization algorithms to ensure that outputs are delivered in a smart and efficient way. Engineers can put in a few general control strategies and metrics and let Optimizer’s algorithms look at millions of solutions.

They can drill down into the best solution based on defined stakeholder objectives. For example, the InfoWorks ICM and Optimizer combination can be applied to common wastewater network and drainage solutions such as reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), conducting flow routing studies, addressing inflow and infiltration (I/I) reduction, and flood mitigation planning.

Example of an analysis output for CSO events v. cost for reduction

Optimizer and InfoWorks ICM can support decisions such as planning for conduit shape, pump and storage operations, weir height, and sewer separation. You can input your design criteria for discharge, flooding, surcharge, and freeboard with d/D calculations, max depth, and max velocity.

Define your objectives in Optimizer, whether they are for CAPEX, OPEX, treatment cost, or reduction of flooding and/or discharge. You’ll get outputs charted based on cost and hydraulic performance effectiveness informing you of the best actions available to your team.

A flexible and optimized cost-benefit analysis

These capabilities, now available with a specialized InfoWorks ICM integration, represent a significant leap forward for hydraulic and hydrologic (H&H) modelers.

“We are excited for what this innovation provides to both engineers and related stakeholders.” Kevin Shipp, VP of Optimatics said. “We are able to run thousands of simulations in a smart and efficient way. The software is very user friendly, H&H modelers are able to pick it up quickly and outcomes are easily understood,” he added.

Users can navigate to an InfoWorks ICM database, select an already defined model run, and import that network data into Optimizer.

Then, through ICM Exchange, modelers can set up changes – like pipe sizes or pump operations – and with a simple click, the cloud-based Optimizer solvers will run hundreds or thousands of simulations looking for the best one.

“We believe that both of our tools are complimentary to each other,” Heath said.

This partnership provides a flexible and user-friendly experience for modelers to get truly optimal solutions from their InfoWorks ICM models by interrogating comprehensive results for the right solution to meet their defined cost-benefit objectives.

Interested in your options to adopt the InfoWorks ICM + Optimizer integration?