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Innovyze Expands Partner Network with the Addition of Electro Scan FELL Technology to Improve Condition Assessments for Asset Rehabilitation Planning

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Portland, Oregon, USA

February 11, 2020

Innovyze has added Electro Scan Inc. to its growing partner network of wet infrastructure technology providers. This latest partnership enables Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) inspection data to be analyzed in real-time within the asset repair and rehabilitation engine of Innovyze solution, InfoAsset Planner. Inclusive of leading GIS platforms, analytics tools, and AI/ML solutions, the expanding Innovyze partner landscape delivers an unmatched set of water-specific technologies to improve the operation of water, sewer, and stormwater networks.

The renewal and replacement of aging infrastructure - along with the financing of capital projects - are consistently identified as top challenges for water and wastewater service providers. As such, proper identification and prioritization of repair and rehabilitation projects is a key driver for utility capital improvement programs.

To address this challenge, InfoAsset Planner leverages condition assessment and geospatial data to generate comprehensive, defensible, and resilient asset management plans. With statistical deterioration modeling, extensive risk-based analysis, and rehabilitation-focused decision support, infrastructure asset managers are confident that they are planning the right capital expenditures (CAPEX), on the right assets, at the right time.

 “Our partnership with Electro Scan represents the beginning of using the Innovyze platform with best-in-class machine-intelligent technology to improve operational performance and CAPEX delivery. The real-time availability of reliable FELL inspection data in InfoAsset Planner will allow asset managers to improve their capital plans and optimize spending priorities,” stated Erick Heath, Vice President, Global Partnerships, Innovyze, Inc.

Using a web-based Application Programming Interface (API) to seamlessly import pipeline defect data from Electro Scan’s Critical Sewers® cloud-based application into InfoAsset Planner, the integrated solution allows for Electro Scan’s precise pipeline diagnostic inspection to display estimated leakage rates by footage. Data can also be displayed alongside CCTV visual observations. The FELL data provides pipe defect locations to within 1 cm and inflow/infiltration flow rates in gallons per minute. This ensures that the rehabilitation recommendations are accurately prioritized, as well as to confirm that rehabilitated pipes have been delivered as watertight. 

 “Users are already strengthening their decisions and we expect rehabilitation projects and day-to-day operations of sewer systems to continue to improve,” Heath said.

FELL inspection has emerged as an effective method for quickly and accurately identifying pipe defects by deploying focused electrode leak location technology. This gives system managers an objective, repeatable, machine-intelligent data source as opposed to solely relying on visual inspection of CCTV footage.

“Some people might say that rehabilitation decisions are only as good as the condition assessment data they support,” stated Chuck Hansen, CEO and Founder, Electro Scan Inc. “But, only Innovyze Asset Planner can provide an easy to use, customizable, decision support engine that can deploy FELL data across the utility enterprise – including engineering, finance, operations, and maintenance – to make highly targeted capital investment decisions and certify pipelines as watertight,” he added.

Several utilities and engineering consultancies are already making use of the integrated InfoAsset Planner and Electro Scan solution. For more information, please contact Innovyze today.


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Electro Scan Inc., a leading supplier of machine-intelligent pipeline assessment products and services for the water & wastewater pipeline market, and was named to Government Technology’s esteemed 2020 GovTech 100 list for the second straight year. Electro Scan Inc. develops proprietary pipe condition assessment equipment, delivers field services, and offers cloud-based data processing and reporting applications that automatically locate, measure, and report defects in sewer, water, and natural gas pipelines.  Learn more at