Harnessing Amazon Web Services, Info360.com empowers water utilities of all sizes, modernizing their current operations and giving them the tools to predict and prepare for the future

  • Info360 platform and the Info360 Insight SaaS solution both empower water utilities, give them access to cutting-edge technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and modeling via Info360 enable water utilities to get ahead of service disruption before it happens
  • By securely monitoring live and historic data, Info360 helps water utilities become a crucial part of the Smart City
  • Release follows $1 billion Innovyze acquisition announcement by Autodesk


2/25/2021 – Portland, OR: Innovyze, the global leader in water infrastructure software, has announced the general availability of its cloud-based, artificial intelligence-powered platform for real-world water lifecycle management, Info360. Combined with Info360 Insight, a data visualization and workflow solution, the first-of-its-kind platform allows the water industry to get ahead of disasters, rapidly increasing demand, and skyrocketing costs.

According to the Value of Water Campaign, water use has increased at more than twice the rate of population growth in the last century. At the same time, the United States loses 6 billion gallons of water through leaky pipes every day. This means more stress for water utilities, who must deal with aging infrastructure and overtaxed systems to manage water distribution and wastewater.

Further, extreme, disruptive weather events – as experienced in Texas and other parts of the nation recently – are increasingly common and pose growing and unpredictable threats that existing water infrastructure and management systems are often unprepared to handle. Due to water system complexity and static operating budgets, many water utilities have struggled to adopt the digital transformation technologies that would allow them to improve predictability and performance.

With Info360, Innovyze has developed a solution. Through the Info360 platform, water utilities can use Dynamic Digital Twins to guide day-to-day operations as well as planning. This means that utilities of all sizes can build virtual models of their complex, underground infrastructure using artificial intelligence with live and historic data to gain insight and predict future behavior of their water systems. Because Info360 is cloud-based, it is financially and operationally more accessible, powerful, and flexible than traditional on-premise systems.

Municipalities focused on building Smart Cities will benefit from Info360. Conditions can shift rapidly in water management, and Info360 allows water utilities to combine data from many sources, including Internet of Things, and apply high-powered processing from Amazon Web Services, to identify risks and proactively take action. This allows water utilities to contribute to a vital Smart City initiative.

"The complex, physical properties of water and massive, underground infrastructure that must be monitored and managed make modernization extremely challenging for water utilities. With Info360, we've combined 35 years of expertise in water management with the power of the cloud to bring together the most advanced technologies so utilities can capitalize on Dynamic Digital Twins. The Info360 platform will be a game-changer in making digital transformation achievable for water utilities of any size," said Colby Manwaring, Chief Executive Officer at Innovyze.

Through the new Info360 Insight Software as a Service (SaaS) application, water utilities can visualize performance of their entire system, enabling them to better manage their current infrastructure, while also predicting and avoiding future issues. Info360 Insight combines water utility data in the cloud, applying sophisticated analysis, simulation, and alerting tools to make operations and service delivery more reliable. That leads to more efficient water utilization, less wasted gallons of water, and more money saved — for both utilities and consumers.

"Info360 Insight is the first of several SaaS applications we're delivering for the Info360 platform, all offering advantages to utilities like easy onboarding, unlimited scalability, and rigorous security out of the box. Better yet, the Info360 platform architecture incorporates cutting-edge technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence tuned specifically for the water lifecycle, allowing utilities of all sizes to stay at the forefront of innovation without the need to maintain complex software or hire hordes of IT experts. As a result, utilities will have the technology foundation they need to deliver the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost," said Rick Gruenhagen, CTO at Innovyze.

To learn more about Dynamic Digital Twins and see a demonstration of Info360 Insight, join our upcoming webinar presented by Innovyze and AWS, on March 3, hosted by Water Online. Register here.


To learn more about Info360 from Innovyze, or to schedule an interview with Innovyze CEO Colby Manwaring, please call +1-307-429-0708 or e-mail samantha@contentfac.com. You can also learn more at the Innovyze website at https://www.innovyze.com/.