Innovyze partner with Local Buy

Brisbane, Australia  |  26th November 2019

It's now easier and quicker for public bodies in Queensland to get the water software they need. Local Buy, the scheme that pre-qualifies suppliers, now offers market-leading water solutions from Innovyze.

Local Buy was established by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to simplify the procurement process for councils and government entities across Queensland, allowing them to save on time and associated costs by bypassing the requirement to tender for purchasing goods and services.

The partnership means that Innovyze is registered as a pre-qualified supplier ensuring your organisation is fully compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012 when purchasing Innovyze solutions.

Innovyze is involved in two contracts for hardware, software and licensing.

  ICT Solutions and Services BUWS 274 (For Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Terrritory)

  Smart Cities NPN 2.18 (Qld, Tas, NT & VIC)


For more information on Local Buy and Vendor Panel please reach out to our team here