Introduction to System Curves – Basic Hydraulic Considerations

January 24, 2017

System curves can be a very powerful tool for an engineer to use when designing a new pump station or evaluating an existing pump station as they allow the engineer to see where the pump will operate along it’s pump curve. However, many engineers find it is difficult to find guidance material available on how to create system curves or in identifying key factors that should be considered when creating system curves. To assist the engineer our Innovyze team has created a presentation that includes a basic introduction to system curve concepts, details on the key factors to consider when creating system curves, and how the model software can be used to develop system curves.

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Key Topics discussed in the System Curve Presentation:

  • What is a system curve?
  • How to calculate a system curve
  • Identifying the family of possible system curves
  • Verifying pump curves using SCADA data
  • Using the Model to create system curves
  • System curves using the Pump System Analyst (PSA) tool
  • Special case system curves

Many of our users have already found this information to be helpful in guiding them in understanding and using system curves within the model. If you download this material and have questions or would like to discuss any concepts presented within further, please contact us at

Note: This post is specifically written for use for pressurized water modeling using InfoWater but is also generally applicable in H2OMap Water and H2ONET or whenever the user is modeling any pumping system using pressurized pipelines.