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Keeping flood risk under control for communities in England and Wales

Local authorities (LAs) in England and Wales are required to have a local flood risk management strategy. It needs to address local flood risks and how they’re managed – such as the inspection and maintenance of gullies – plus the associated costs, benefits and funding arrangements. LAs also have to keep a register of assets associated with flood risk, including their owners and condition. They must make the register available, and carry out their plans.

Spreadsheets and documents are one option, but they’re hard to set up and use.

The easy, cost-effective alternative is InfoAsset software by Innovyze. Many water professionals in England and Wales are already using it. Here’s how you could benefit. Get in touch to find out more.

All the data and analysis - ready for use

Minimum effort to set it up

All you have to do is feed in your data, which is usually quick and easy. InfoAsset organises how the data is stored, so you don’t have to think about setting anything up or any structuring. InfoAsset stores all the relevant data, including CCTV recordings; records of blockage reports; T98 inspections; cross-section profiles; and many more.

Organised for ease of use

Your data is stored in an asset-centric format for convenience. Lots of LA data is address-centric – but gullies, pipes, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and other water assets are rarely associated with a single address. If you have a problem, you need to know all about the asset – and InfoAsset automatically connects the asset with all the relevant data, making a biographical record including surveys and incidents.

Analysis done for you

Want to know which gullies weren’t inspected last year, or which attracted the most overflow complaints? InfoAsset has the answer, instantly. You can make your own queries, or we’ll write them for you.


Find the information you need at a glance

Work planned for you

InfoAsset enables you to generate an inspection and gully cleaning plan, based on the data it holds. It has scheduling and calendar features that organise the work for your crews and contractors. The InfoAsset Mobile application works on- and offline and with Android and Windows.

A single version of the truth

InfoAsset stores its data in a single database that can be accessed by many people simultaneously. Everyone works off the same information. There are no multiple versions of spreadsheets, nothing stuck in email inboxes, and no CCTV recordings that are inaccessible in a box on another site, or on an external hard drive that is timeconsuming to track down.

Spending prioritised

How do you get the most out of your flood plan budget? InfoAsset prioritises the necessary work, tailored to your risk preferences and resources, enabling the greatest possible flood prevention.

Get immediate updates when the work is done

Crews and contractors using InfoAsset Mobile have no need to go back to the office to upload their completed tasks – the application does it for them. Their office colleagues can check progress in a few clicks. Everyone’s up to date.

Better communication

It’s easy to respond to queries – with InfoAsset, the information you need is available in a few clicks. You can create reports quickly as all the data and analysis are ready for use. And liaising with water companies, regulators and construction companies is easier – people throughout the water industry are familiar with InfoAsset.

Updates for your hydraulic model

The information stored in InfoAsset can be fed into the models of your catchments to keep them up to date. If any gullies are upgraded, or SuDS created, add the data to InfoAsset and it can transfer to your models in InfoWorks ICM in just three clicks.

Information you can trust

You can trust us with your valuable information: InfoAsset is exceptionally reliable. It validates incoming data, and has an audit trail, so you know the provenance of data and whether it is actual or inferred. And there’s a skilled, knowledgeable customer support desk on hand when you have questions.

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