Leaving no one behind on World Water Day 2019

  World Water Day 2019 graphic

March 22, 2019     1 minute read

“Leaving no one behind.” What a terrific message for World Water Day. Around the world people are being left behind when it comes to accessing water and sanitation. But that’s something we can address, and World Water Day gives us all a chance to think about what we can do to ensure that no one is left behind.

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right” – UN Water

There’s a lot we can all do to make sure no one is left behind. Water infrastructure professionals and the engineering community that we support are committed to the cause. At Innovyze, we push the boundaries of innovation in water infrastructure to make sure we fully support their efforts and the World Water Day’s initiative to ‘leave no one behind’.

Colby Manwaring, CEO at Innovyze, says, “We at Innovyze dedicate every day to the noble pursuit of providing technology for the purpose of enabling all people to access water as a foundation of life. We are proud to add our voice to the call on World Water Day to leave no one behind and to raise investment by government, industry and individuals to protect and provide water.”

At Innovyze, water is our world. We think constantly about how we can help everyone have access to clean water, good sanitation, and protection from flooding. That’s what drives innovation in our software – to help water infrastructure professionals come up with ever more creative, innovative and sustainable ways to provide safe water and sanitation for communities.

Discover more at the World Water Day website. And find out more about Innovyze by contacting us.