Optimize the Operation and Management of Water Supply Networks

DemandWatch Pro is a short-term prediction tool, forecasting demand for water supply in district metered areas (DMAs) for the coming 24-48 hours, to feed into your model.

Water Supply Forecasting for DMAs

Continuous updates

DemandWatch Pro constantly updates and refines its estimates of demand, enabling you to optimize the operation and management of your water supply network.

Water Supply Forecasting for DMAs

Confidence through accuracy

Correlation between DemandWatch Pro’s predictions and observed data is high. You can have confidence in the decisions it supports.

Rapid automatic adjustments

DemandWatch Pro takes the previous day’s demand and the weather forecast into account automatically, taking full advantage of the available data sources.

Home in on leaks faster

You can set up alerts for excess minimum nightly flows (MNFs) to provide a leakage locator tool.

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What you can do with DemandWatch Pro

  • Discover Short-term Demand

    DemandWatch pro takes in two or more years of observed data for calibration and verification, and then forecasts the demand you’re likely to see. Most users work from its 24 and 48 hour predictions.

    Discover Short-term Demand
  • Learn from experience

    DemandWatch Pro is self-learning, so if demand is higher than normal on one day, it learns and adjusts its forecast for the next day.

    Learn from experience
  • Find Leaks

    If observed data is very different from DemandWatch Pro’s predictions, you may have a leak. The software compares MNFs over time; if an increase persists, set an alert, for example using SCADAWatch. Then model the leakage rates on each network node, compare with telemetry, and you’ve got a head start in finding any leak.

    Find Leaks