What's New in ICMLive 10.0

ICMLive version 10.0 offers new and enhanced features. Existing customers will find full details in the Help pages. If you're not yet a customer, contact us for more info on any aspect of ICMLive.

  • Alert options: alert emails can be sent To, CC, or BCC.
  • Specify active periods for alert definitions: users can include active periods in definitions. In the past, if you had a lower threshold during the night than the day, unnecessary daytime alerts could have been triggered. You can now avoid this.
  • Groundwater infiltration for a subcatchment can now be included in results graphs and grids.
  • Five times faster GeoPlan layer display: improved map layer sorting means you can see layers up to five times faster.
  • Multiple data streams in your TSDB: we've added a new data source type for observed or forecast data, FW Format1, to scalar TSDBs. This enables multiple data streams in a FloodWorks Data Transfer File Format 1 file to be used in a TSDB.
  • Jump to date: There's a new 'Go to date' button and date field in the time series data grid, so you can go straight to the data for the day you want without scrolling.
  • Bulk updates for TSDB: You can do bulk import and export of datastream configurations for observed and forecast for TSDBs, meaning manual data entry is no longer necessary. You can map .csv contained columns to TSDB fields.

Plus many more new features.