InfoAsset Manager Additional Options

Tailor InfoAsset Manager to your requirements with Suite and Executive Suite


Your account manager can demonstrate all these options and help select the best InfoAsset Manager choices for you.

InfoAsset Manager Desktop includes:

  • Asset information management, asset/work/inspection/incident management, capital planning system

InfoAsset Manager Suite package includes: 

  • InfoAsset Manager Desktop capabilities
  • User defined assets, inspections, interventions, incidents for water and non-water network and plant assets (e.g. public works, parks, treatment plant)

InfoAsset Manager Executive Suite package includes:

  • InfoAsset Manager Suite capabilities
  • InfoAsset Exchange - programmer’s toolkit to automate the exchange of data and information between InfoAsset and third-party system
  • InfoAsset Time Series Database (TSDB) - analyse asset data in conjunction with both historical and real-time time-based network performance data. i.e. SCADA feeds, etc

InfoAsset Manager Suite screenshot  InfoAsset Manager Suite screenshot showing dashboard