What's New in InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile v2019.1

InfoAsset Manager is the new name for InfoNet.

We’re renaming our asset management software, bringing everything together under the InfoAsset name, at the same time as launching a new product, InfoAsset Online. InfoAsset Online lets you share your information with anyone you choose, keeping everyone up to date.

About InfoAsset Manager

InfoAsset Manager stores, displays, and analyzes the whole life history of your pipes, manholes, valves, and other assets, in association with events such as inspections, incidents and interventions. It enables you to manage your water and wastewater network infrastructure optimally.

What’s new in InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile

Updates to InfoAsset are starting afresh at v2019.1 (following on from v19.1 which came out in May 2018; this version would have been 19.5 under the previous version numbering system).

InfoAsset Manager 2019.1 and InfoAsset Mobile 2019.1 have new features and enhancements to meet your asset management requirements, including the following. The information here isn’t comprehensive; for full details, consult the Help files in InfoAsset Manager.

Never lose a CCTV video file

A new tool migrates your videos from external drives to attachments in InfoAsset Manager database. You have to store videos somewhere. If you choose to put them in the database, then you’ll never lose them; we’ll look after backups; and you’ll never have to worry about broken links or changes to the file location.

In addition, you can view and replay attached videos using InfoNet Online.

We’ve made a few other improvements for video files – see Help in InfoAsset Manager.

Better distance measuring in InfoAsset Mobile

In InfoAsset Mobile, now when you measure a distance you can keep the measured line. There are options to unselect the measuring tool, then reselect it and continue with the measurement; or to clear the measurement.

Assign a new task to a work package while you’re creating it

In InfoAsset Manager, in the past you had to create a task before you could assign it to a work package. Now you can do the assigning while you’re creating the task, and you can assign to an existing work package or make a new one.

New columns in the work package tasks grid

The work package task view now displays:

  • Date opened
  • Date completed
  • Date/time planned
  • Team leader

And you can now sort the the grid in ascending or descending order.

Extensions to MSCC5 condition scoring algorithm

In addition to the normal MSCC standard scores, a CCTV survey can now be broken down into percentages of the pipe length with defect grades 1 to 5. For this calculation the profile window size across which the calculation is performed can be set between 0.1 m and 5.0 m. The MSCC5 standard scoring output is not affected when choosing a different window size.

InfoAsset Manager extends support for EU (EN13508-2:2003+A1:2011)

InfoAsset Manager 2019.1 now provides an importer for EU CCTV Survey Files Character Separated Variable (CSV) EN13508-2:2003+A1:2011 and extended support for choice lists and defect codes.

Exporting snapshot files

Snapshot files for a network can now be exported from the context menu in the Explorer window. So you can export a snapshot file without opening the network in the GeoPlan, and also choose which scenario and version you want to export.

TSDB enhancements

ASCII and Binary Grid format files with a lead time of less than an hour can now be included in a spatial TSDB configuration. And we have updated the existing NetCDF Australian Bureau of Meteorology (NetCDF AUS.BOM) observed data format files to support the NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Conventions, version 1.6. They’re used in a spatial TSDB configuration.

Note that to get TSDB functionality, you need it enabled on your licence. Contact us if you want to add it.