What's New in InfoAsset 2019.2

Better Video Playback

Video playback (such as CCTV) in InfoAsset Online is significantly improved. It now picks the optimum video streaming speed and resolution for your data connection, depending on the speed of the mobile data or wifi connection you're on. It is also now possible to view http(s) linked videos in InfoAsset Online.

Valve Isolation Trace

If there's a leak or burst from a water supply pipe, InfoAsset Online identifies which valves to close.


InfoAsset Online can now be displayed in many languages.

Manhole Survey Grid

You can view manhole surveys in the CCTV survey viewer.

Multiple Object Selection

You can select multiple objects on the GeoPlan based on SQL queries set up in InfoAsset Manager. The object chooser shows other objects associated with the chosen object.


You can show gridded data from the properties component. Video file paths are now shown as an active link in the property viewer. You can filter and sort on grids.


You can choose whether the keyboard Control key has to be held down while scrolling to zoom in and out on a map. The active object and map position can be shared by copying the URL and sending it to another user. And you can use background Bing maps of types "Road" and "Aerial with Road".

Interface Improvements

InfoAsset Mobile 2019.2 now has an intuitive ribbon design, with a quick access toolbar for your most used actions. You should find it quicker and easier to access and create reports. You can edit reports and forms in individual windows, so it's easy to split your work across multiple monitors.

InfoAsset Mobile screenshot 1 InfoAsset Mobile screenshot 2

InfoAsset Mobile screenshot 3 InfoAsset Mobile screenshot 4

Closer integration between InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Planner

InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Planner are now more closely integrated for sewer networks, water distribution networks, and asset networks – so you can share and exchange data between the two, simply and quickly. For example when you're planning and prioritizing your capital works program using InfoAsset Planner, you can incorporate up-to-date and quality controlled InfoAsset Manager data such as condition inspections, incidents and work orders. Then InfoAsset Planner can provide a risk based prioritized list of work orders and tasks, and share them with InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile for work execution.

It's a highly affordable solution to both operational and capital planning challenges, ensuring utilities, consultants and contractors are able to carry out the right intervention, on the right asset, at the right time for the benefit of their customers.

Other new or improved features

InfoAsset Planner 2019.2 has better interoperability with third party CMMS and CCTV videos stored in the cloud.

  • Updated CMMS data exchange with Lucity/CityWorks platforms and their newer versions.
  • Accessing CCTV video stored in Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Ravnur, or iCloud.

InfoAsset Manager 2019.2 provides an enhancement to the “Migrate survey videos” option which carries out video file migration on a Workgroup Data server rather than on the client – and so doesn't consume resources on the client. Videos are converted to a format that is optimized for streaming in InfoAsset Online in a web browser.

For the full list of enhancements, see the Help file in the application. Further highlights are:

  • 64-bit InfoAsset Manager is now available: the same functionality with more processing space.
  • More unique identifiers in the UK: for automatically generated node names based on the UK National Grid location, the last two characters can now be letters or numbers. So there's a maximum of 1295 unique identifiers per 100 sq. m.
  • New EU video standard: we've added the EU2011 coding standard, for CCTV and manhole surveys.
  • Five times faster GeoPlan layer display: improved map layer sorting means you can see layers up to five times faster.
  • ArcGIS 10.7 support: InfoAsset Manager now supports ArcGIS version 10.7 when using the ArcGIS Engine/ArcGIS Desktop map control.
  • AutoCAD DWG support: users can now update a network from AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 DWG format files.