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InfoDrainage creates detailed designs of both traditional and sustainable drainage, plus customizable reports for local regulatory compliance.

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InfoDrainage is a full design and analysis solution for designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and planners. It takes you from initial concept through to detailed designs suitable for approvals, in a single package.

You can use both traditional and sustainable elements and optimize for land use, performance, and cost. And you can experiment – drag and drop positioning enables you to test alternative designs quickly and easily, with sophisticated simulation, vivid graphics, and comparison reporting functionality.

Contact us to discover how you could benefit from InfoDrainage. If you're already using MicroDrainage or XPDrainage stormwater design software, and are interested in InfoDrainage, ask your account manager.

photo of long SuDS part filled with water, winding through a business park with office building in background
screenshot of InfoDrainage profile plot

Easy to Use

InfoDrainage is quick to learn, with intuitive controls and clear visualizations. It's suitable for:

  • Frequent and infrequent users
  • Traditional drainage as well as sustainable drainage - Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and Low Impact Developments (LIDs)
  • Projects of all sizes, from single home projects to large developments, with tiers that offer a choice of features

Seamless CAD Integration

InfoDrainage enables data exchange with CAD and GIS platforms, to shorten the design time. Embedded exchange functionality with InfoDrainage for Civil 3D® enables compliance with BIM workflows via Parts Mapping. Data is tagged to allow round-tripping minimizing the time taken to adopt new changes and reducing the risk of errors occurring so you can complete projects ahead of deadlines and present clear, understandable designs and reports for review and for presentation to the public.

photo of SuDS, LID, WSUD outside Randall Children's Hospital, Portland OR
screenshot of InfoDrainage report for compliance

Simpler Regulatory Compliance

Whether you’re an engineer preparing for submission to a regulatory authority or a reviewer approving drainage designs having the ability to audit a design is going to help get work started on site. Auditing reports in InfoDrainage simplify compliance, and you can save customisable templates for local regulations and requirements. There is also a choice of languages and units.

For approving authorities, InfoDrainage makes your analysis and approvals straightforward.

What You Can Do with InfoDrainage

  • See What Your Design will Look Like in Real Life

    You can see the extent of a pond, how the underdrain connects swales, and the exact lengths of pipes, in InfoDrainage. You'll get a good feel for how your design will work out when it's built, and have less need for post-processing.

    Screenshot of InfoDrainage, plan view, showing SuDS
  • Combine Sustainable and Traditional Drainage Design

    Whether your brief calls for gullies and pipes, or for raingardens, detention basins and permeable surfacing, InfoDrainage can handle it. It enables you to make the best use of the land available including natural catchments; to reduce pollutants such as road runoff; and to control flows.

    photo of a swale in action

  • Check the Details Quickly

    InfoDrainage's plan and profile show lots of detail about structures and their locations – such as how much space a pond will take up, and where the inlet, underdrain, and overflows are for a swale. This means pipe length calculations are more accurate than connecting purely to the center point of a storage structure and you can export better data into your other programs.

    screenshot showing swale details

  • Analyze Flows and Flooding

    Sustainable drainage - SuDS, WSUD and LIDs - can reduce the risk of flooding downstream. InfoDrainage shows how water will flow through the structures you choose based on their physical parameters enabling you to better understand the effects of your decisions. It models water levels and volumes, so you can drive an outflow control accurately in the hydraulic part of the model and connect it in the middle of a series of pipes or manholes, enabling you to design to meet required discharge rates. This is thanks to InfoDrainage's built-in detailed hydraulic analysis.

    photo of swale part filled with water, showing outflow pipe
  • Use Templated Designs for Speed and Convenience

    You can set up templates for objects, to speed up the design process when repeatedly having to meet the same regulatory requirements. Templates can include details such as depth, filtration rate, and a percentage of void material in the base. You can drag and drop them into your design, and save a collection of templates to be available each time you start a project.

    screenshot of templated designs in InfoDrainage

  • Validate and Correct Mistakes Rapidly

    The detailed, realistic graphics in InfoDrainage make it easy to spot and correct problems. For example, if there are incorrect levels, they will be obvious in a profile view. Validation highlights errors and gives warnings, with potential solutions proposed. With the built-in tools to correct levels if the user wants to use them, you can quickly move on with your design.

    Validation flowpath

    screenshot of validation flowpath

    Validation form

    screenshot of validation form

InfoDrainage Tiers


    Environmentally Sensitive Drainage Solutions

    Protecting communities by managing flood risk

  • White Paper

    Overcoming the top 3 barriers to developing SuDS

    How space, cost, and communication can affect SuDS designers in the UK.


Environmentally Sensitive Drainage Solutions

Protecting communities by managing flood risk

White Paper

Overcoming the top 3 barriers to developing SuDS

How space, cost, and communication can affect SuDS designers in the UK.

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