InfoDrainage Tiers

InfoDrainage will be available in three Tiers offering an increasing level of functionality as you move progressively through the Tiers. 

Essentials – Design and Audit Sustainable Drainage 

Complete both conceptual and detailed design and analysis of sustainable drainage (SuDS / LIDs / WSUD) as part of stormwater networks of pipes, manholes, storage and infiltration structures. 

InfoDrainage facilitates delivering projects reliably, efficiently and confidently with a graphical design interface. 

  • Deluge site with 2D analysis to aid drainage layout 
  • Import/export of CAD, GIS and text formats for faster setup and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders 
  • Designs are true-to-site making them more accurate and easier to communicate 
  • Sizing tools to deliver optimal, cost effective designs 
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements using customisable audit reports for streamlined approvals 

Sustainable drainage in a residential area, Wallingford, UK

Advanced  Achieve BIM Compliance 

Supporting the requirements of delivering BIM compliance to reduce data errors and handle frequent model updates through seamless data exchange with AutoCAD Civil 3D® via Parts Mapping. 

  • Utilise Civil 3D® data, streamlining workflows and reducing laborious data entry 
  • Template parts mapping data exchange saving time on project setup 
  • Round tripping between InfoDrainage and Civil 3D® where multiple iterations occur to maintain accuracy 
  • Representation of SuDS / WSUD / LID / BMP is as laid out in InfoDrainage, within Civil 3D® to reduce rework and communicate design intent