Additional Options with InfoSewer Pro Suite

InfoSewer Pro suite provides additional features to help modelers efficiently control loading, gases, and corrosion


InfoSewer Pro Suite

InfoSewer Pro suite offers additional features to enhance InfoSewer:

  • Load Allocator
  • H2S Detector
  • Corrosion Predictor

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Manage Wastewater Loads with Load Allocator plus minus

InfoSewer Load Allocator efficiently provides speed, accuracy, and flexibility for calculating, distributing, and managing wastewater loads (load factors) in the sewer network model from GIS data.

Leverage your existing GIS data investments to strategically define/forecast your combined or sanitary sewer network flows for various planning horizons in your master planning effort.

Model and Analyze Sulfide Generation with H2S Detector plus minus

H2S Detector models and analyzes entire sewer collection systems for sulfide generation and corrosion potential under varying conditions throughout the life of their systems. It enables users to:

  • Pinpoint odor and corrosion problems
  • Develop effective monitoring programs
  • Alert plant operators and sewer maintenance workers to potential danger locations where there's a need to observe safety practices
  • Establish effective control systems

Users can evaluate alternative pipeline profiles to minimize turbulence, low velocities, long retention times, and other hydraulic conditions that promote sulfide buildup.

Check Corrosion Potential with Corrosion Predictor plus minus

Corrosion Predictor models and analyzes entire sewer collection systems for corrosion potential anticipated throughout their useful life.

Spatially pinpoint corrosion problems locations and specify corrosion resistant materials or select other forms of corrosion protection (e.g. protective linings) to protect the capital cost of the system.